A Global Value Exchange Platform

Blockchain is the Internet of value. If values travel freely and freely so that information transcends borders instantaneously, it is certainly promised that a wonderful world different from now is to come. Blockchain Lock makes it possible to transfer the physical value with the power of IoT and the blockchain.

By using the BCL Value Exchange Service (BCL Value Transfer Platform), launching services that had traditionally been required to build all platforms by yourselves gets easier than ever before. It is a shared platform yet privacy is protected. 




IoT Device

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IoT Platform


Japan's first full scale public blockchain


Smart lock development


Blockchain Computer development


Proof of Device

IoTデバイスは日に日に進化しています。新しいデバイスをタイムリーに開発してマーケットに送り出すことは非常に重要な競争優位です。当社では世界のパートナーと協力してタイムリーにProof of Deviceを作り上げることができます。「無人・非対面ビジネス」シリーズ第一弾として次世代リテールプロジェクトを開始致しました。

BOOKING X reservation engine


The source of Blockchain Lock's development capabilities is its connection with a strong Chinese offshore company. With overwhelming mobilization and cost competitiveness by more than 2,500 engineers, we will provide customers with unprecedented added value.

Blockchain Lock's own service, KEYVOX service, is being developed in the same position. Please make use of that overwhelming development power for your own business.

Offshore development
Token economy consulting

The biggest invention of blockchain is to come up with a mechanism to reach consensus even though each person thinks only about his or her own interests. In that sense, the design of the blockchain where the token economy works is a very important element of the blockchain business. Based on its extensive experience, Blockchain Lock provides consulting services for launching private, consortium or public chains.

We also support the listing of these customers' blockchain projects on overseas exchanges.

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